// About Us

123 Small Job is a handyman referral service that connects homeowners all across the United States with qualified, professional handymen to handle all the little, annoying, and time-consuming projects that are inevitable with any residence. Our handyman network consists of contractors who have knowledge and experience in dealing with any number of small home projects from appliance installation to painting and from minor electrical work to household repairs. All of these services are performed by experienced handymen from your area who have proved their abilities over years of servicing homes and satisfying homeowners. Best of all these services are provided with the professionalism and efficiency you’d expect from any contractor but at a much more affordable cost. Given the nature of work typically asked of a handyman, the handymen 123 Small Job connect you to typically can be counted on to charge you much less than any other contractor would. That means you can greatly improve your home without terribly depleting your bank account.

For all the small jobs around your home that you never have time, patience, or confidence to tackle, 123 Small Job is here for you. Take a look through just a few of the specialties our professional handymen provide and if you’re interested, arrange for a free estimate with one of your local 123 Small Job handyman representatives. They can provide you with complimentary advice as well as an estimate of your job’s potential duration and cost all with no obligation to you. We know you’ll be happy with the work of handymen found through 123 Small Job and are eager to get started making your small household jobs into major successes.